Divisive Power of Citizenship and Loyalty - the French case

Comparing heterogeneous archival sources. DPCL has gathered archival sources internationally relating to European citizens resident in Indochina during World War II, including material recently released by the French Government, and analyzed them using novel digital methods.

Camp d'internement en Indochine

This dataset includes information on the internment camps. Not transcript, but within the source material are also further descriptions of the location and regime of the individual sites. Original documents now held at the Archives Nationales d'Outre Mer - Mairie d'Aix-en-Provence, were compiled on the 13th of April 1950.

Multiple datasets

Multiple datasets generated from the source material, including transcriptions of person entries (names, dates of birth and death where available, profession and often location, remarks and operating unit) and structured person instance data derived from them are provided. Key historic person instance information (appearances in documents), serialized as JSON according to a formal schema is available, together with the JSON Schema itself. This is intended for use by external applications, and can also be searched interactively using a DPCL presentation website (see below) which explains the datasets further. In contrast to transcription data, which represents the printed and hand-written source material, and is often organized inconsistently, the historic person instance data provided here enables reliable searching across multiple archival sources. The historic person instance JSON is lightweight to enable scalability across large numbers of sub-collections/archives: it does not contain all of the information sometimes transcribed, such as remarks and military operating unit. However it does provide IIIF canvas IDs, connecting the person instance to the page in the source document where it originally occurred.

Web Annotation Data Model (WADM) annotation collections

Where annotations can be generated from transcriptions they are provided as Web Annotation Data Model (WADM) annotation collections serialized as JSON, which are linked to source documents via PIDs. The annotation data can be used independently with the IIIF service provided here, to connect person instances interactively to their occurrence in the source documents. Provided principally for analysis preservation and verification purposes, the transcription data is less suitable for automated searching than the historic person instance JSON (above).

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Thakkhet (Laos), 22 February 1949

Letter seeking confirmation of status of the Thakket camp

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Conditions in internement camps

Description of circumstances of internment and intentions of Japan regarding foreign interns.

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Details of camps in Indochina

Details about camps in Province de Thua Thien, Southern Province, Phnom-Penh